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UGG Rianne

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nova comunidade

Para os falantes de português que gostam de ser aleatórios, criei um lugar bem legalzinho... aleatoriamente

É aleatório. É isso.
For those of you that speak Portuguese, I've created a new community: aleatoriamente

It is random. That is it.


Espero que não seja contra as regras (=

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The community the_recession is looking for Live Journal members around the world to participate in a very brief poll checking off the economic conditions in your area. By the end of the poll (open to members and non-members, alike) we hope to have a better idea of what the global economic situation looks like right now. If you would be so kind as to help please go here to find your country, territory, colony, or state.

Thank you! :)


Oi gente!

Será que o aeroporto Guarulhos tem lugar para armazenar as malas durante um certo período? Tenho um vôo que chega lá e tenho escala de 8 horas! Então queria passeiar pela cidade sem as malas para me divertir um pouco em vez de ficar lá no aeroporto fazendo nada. O que vocês acham???
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Places of interest in Rio, Sampa, and Salvador


as my Portuguese is inexstistant [as of yet], from now on i'll write in English.

i'm gonna spend some time in Brazil a few days from now, mostly in Rio but i'm planning to visit São Paulo for the gay pride, and possibly Salvador if i get to lenghten the layover i have at its airport. a friend of mine who's been living in Brazil for some time is gonna show me around Rio, but perhaps you could recommend me some less popular places of interest that we're less likely to find with a guidebook? i'm especially curious about hints on what to see in Sampa and Salvador, since i'll be getting a day or two in those places at most, so a selection of places particularly worth a visit would come in very handy. could you gyus help me out and recommend some plaes of interest in those cities? what to see, where to go, where to eat in Rio, Sampa, and Salvador?

huge thanks for your suggetions!

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Hello! I'm sorry, but my Portugese is very poor. My boyfriend is from Brasil, so I started learning a while ago, but I need real courses. Well, I will have the opportunity to learn real soon because I just got a job for 3 months in Rio teaching English to little kids. I will be going as soon as possible, meaning as soon as I get a visa. I'm quite excited to see my boyfriend's country and to learn more about his culture and language. I'm also very nervous.
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